Mountain Biking

Registrations close Thursday 25 May

Schedule & Results

The Mountain Biking Competition Draw and Results will be published on the website and Facebook page:


Saturday 27 May 2017
Sunday 28 May 2017


Saturday 27 May: 2.00pm - 5.00pm (Cross Country)
Sunday 28 May: 2.00pm - 5.00pm (Enduro)


Smithfield Mountain Bike Park
Captain Cook Highway, Smithfield

Minimum Age

Minimum age for competition is 35 years. Age is determined as at 31 December 2017.

Age Divisions

35-39, 40-49, 50-59, 60+


Sport Fee: $50.00 per rider per event  
Games Registration Fee: $85.00 per person


  • Enduro
  • Cross Country

Additional Information

  • The competition is presented by Cairns Mountain Bike Club and sanctioned by MTBA.
  • All riders MUST hold a current MTBA licence or purchase a day licence at the event.
  • The events will be held in accordance with the MTBA Technical Regulations which can be found here.

    Cross Country (XC)
    The Cross-Country course to be used at Smithfield Mountain Bike Park will include part of the World Cup XCO course. The course is a mixture of open trails, technical climbs and descents. Very technical obstacles will have alternative 'B' lines that will create a time penalty. Riders should be technically competent and fit with the race expected to be around 2 hours in duration for the fastest riders.
  • The start will be a mass start, depending on numbers this may be split into males and females.
  • One technical/feed zone will be available and only at this point is assistance permitted.
  • Ample passing opportunities are available however riders are expected to show normal trail etiquette by calling 'passing on your right/left'.

    Enduro or Gravity Enduro mountain bike racing is a staged race where competitors ride an untimed section of trail (generally up hill) to stage starts. Riders are then sent individually down a timed section of trail with 30-60 seconds separating riders. Over 3-5 stages the timed sections are accumulated to find an overall winner, being the person with the lowest aggregate time. Gravity Enduro trails are generally of a black diamond difficulty level with rocks, roots, jumps, drop and other hazards.
  • Participants entering the Enduro race MUST wear a full-face helmet meeting AS2063. Riders must wear a helmet in all transition stages while riding. Participants may only proceed on foot while not wearing a helmet.
  • Participants entering the Enduro race are highly encouraged to wear additional safety protection such as full fingered gloves, knee pads and elbow pads and eye protection. Neck protection is permitted and encouraged.
  • Participants entering the Enduro race must be self-sufficient. There are limited facilities at Smithfield Mountain Bike Park. Competitors may access spares, repairs, water and food in transition so long as in doing so the competitor is not delayed in arriving at the commencement of the next timed stage. Water is NOT available at starting points.

    Sport Organiser:
    Cairns Mountain Bike Club
    Sport Coordinator: Adam Gowlett
    Phone: 0418 911 418