Dragon Boat Paddling


Friday 24th May 2019 (13km race)
Saturday 25th May 2019 (200m races)


Start time: 7:00am
Finish times 1:00pm


Open Water Race: around Admiralty Island
500m and 200m races: Portsmith
Ramp is adjacent to Public Boat Ramp at the southern end of Tingira Street, Portsmith

Dragon boats on the inlet

Minimum Age

40 (men and women). Competitors must have turned 40 by 21 May 2021.

Age Groups



Sport fee: $50 per person (included the 13km and the 500m or 200m if you wish)
Games Registration Fee: $69 per person in addition to sport fee.


FRIDAY 21 MAY: 13km race around Admiralty Island - time final (heats will be determined by numbers attending)
Possible categories: 20's Open, Women's and DA

SATURDAY 22 MAY: 200m race - 10's
Categories: Open, Mixed, Women's and DA

SUNDAY 23 MAY: 500m race

If you are in need of a team, please select the team named "I need a Dragon Boat team" and use PIN 1234. The sport convenor will then allocate you to a team.

Sport Organiser:
Cairns Dragon Boat Club
Sport Coordinator: Lorraine Stewart
Phone: 0402 791 661 
Email: president@cairnsdragonboatclub.com

Additional Information

Further information forthcoming, schedules and age groups will be dependent upon the number of registrations.

  • Non-playing officials (coaches, trainers etc) will be eligible for a medal if your team wins
  • To register as a non-playing official please complete the registration process and select 'non-playing official'